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This depends on a range of factors such as the size of the project, the type of features and the amount of content to include. A smaller 5 page website for basic advertising and information will normally cost between £250-£400. A medium sized design such as an online shop (E-commerce Website) will start from around £700. A larger design such as a directory system, members area, dating website or anything with multiple admin systems and a large number of features will normally start from around £1100. We are always happy to provide a custom quotation for your project which will be based on your content, design size and project type. Please contact us today to talk to us directly.
Your project design time will vary on the size of the project. The design and build time for a smaller 5 page website, is on average, between 1-2 weeks. Whereas a larger project may take between 1-3 months depending on the size. We are able to provide an estimated design/build time for your project once we know the type of website & features you require. Preperation always helps to improve project times, we always recommend that you provide the information/images for your website as quickly as possible. If you have a launch date in mind for your website, our team will ensure to have your website fully operational by this time.
There are no additional monthly or yearly costs associated with your actual website design, after the design has been completed, you are able to manage your website however you wish. If you would prefer to stay with us, we provide Domain, Hosting & SSL services to keep your website available to the public. Domain names are charged at £20 per year. Our Hosting services begin at £10 per month. SSL is a security feature for your website and is optional, we provide a lifetime SSL certificate for only £80.
Payment for your website design is taken upfront via card, bank transfer or cash. Depending on the cost of the website, payment can be made in installments over a period of up to 6 months. Please contact us to discuss installment plan options or to discuss a payment plan which would suit you best.
Yes - If you require this type of design we can use a Wordpress system or even create a custom system for you to manage your website on your own. You have full access to the website files to be able to make any changes yourself. Please let our team know if this is a feature you require for your website.
Yes - All of our websites are designed from scratch and custom made to your unique business or project. We don't use any off the shelf website layouts or any website builders such as Wordpress (Unless requsted). You won't ever find another website like yours!


We pride ourselves on our reliable Hosting Services which guarantee a 99.9% uptime. This means that it is extremely rare for your website to ever go offline. Like any electronics though, equipment can fail, if there are any issues, our team are always on hand to repair them immediately. We have clients who are still with us since the beginning of our business which shows us that we are providing a great Hosting service, which is a lot more affordable than most.
We include visitor recording as standard which means you are able to keep track of your visitor numbers. You can also view basic visitor information such as which area these visitors are are from and how they found your website, which helps you when it comes to advertising and SEO.
We provide a range of Hosting packages suitable for different types of website. Our team can advise you on the recommended package for your website, based on estimated visitor numbers, size of your website and how much space you are likely to need. Prices for our Hosting start from £10 per month, although every website is provided with 3 months FREE Hosting. This payment is normally setup as a subscription payment but can also be paid yearly.
YES! Our Hosting Packages include business Emails as standard, for example: Our team will help you to set these Email accounts up so you can access them via your current Email system such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo. If you already use business Emails, we can easily transfer them with no loss of Emails or content so you won't lose anything.

WiFi & Networking

YES! We provide WiFi or Internet repairs & upgrades for domestic, commercial or industrial. If we can adjust your current setup to provide faster speeds, a more reliable service and better signal strength, we can normally fix the issues there and then, if not, we will provide you with details and a quote for a recommended upgrade and book in a date to install. It usually takes between 10-20 minutes to investigate the issues you are having and provide a recommendation.
Our team cover all types of networking & WiFi work including running networking cables and installing WiFi access points. We can provide an affordable quote and a recommended plan to provide the best coverage for your home or workplace. Please Contact Us to book in an appointment.
Yes, we provide computer/laptop repairs with a collection and delivery service included. We can also provide virus removal services or PC/Laptop upgrades to improve speeds and reliability.